Insulated Roof

Temperature management is a critical area for wide range of industries today. Companies are always looking at optimizing expensesrelated to temperature control. Hence, insulated roofs with single or double skin protection and eall cladding are in huge demand. These energy efficient roofs and walls offer high cost efficiency bringing excellent ROI.

Single Skin Insulated Roof

Single skin insulated roof comprises roof and wall cladding. In this type, metal building roof insulation is used underneath the cladding as under-deckinsulation. Next the insulation is rolled over the purlins or girts and the external cladding sheets are fixed to the secondary framing through insulation.Thus only the vapour barrier is visible from inside the building.

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Double Skin Insulated Roof

Double skin insulated roof construction comprises internal liner panels directly screwed to the secondary farming. Sub-girts are screwed through spacer blocks and liner sheets to the purlins below. The metal building roll-insulation with vapour barrier is laid over sub-girts and finally the outer panel is screwed to sub-girts through the insulation. Double skin insulated roof provides excellent protection against heat during summer and also provides acoustic absorption

Case Heat Transfer Q(W/m2) Thickness of insulation (MW) Reduction of solar heat gain From roof Thermal Resistance ( R) M2 KW
Metal Sheet 19.99 0 - Negotiable
Metal Sheet with insulation8.09 50 60% 1.250
Metal Sheet with insulation6.23 75 69% 7.875
Metal Sheet with insulation5.07 100 75% 2.500

Considering 16kg/m3 Glass fibre insulation technical details available on reqest

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